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Understanding Social Security Disability Benefits: How Much Will I Receive?

By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on December 19, 2012 | In Social Security Disability

Many factors affect the amount of benefits you may receive, which means that your potential benefits amount in your Social Security Disability case can’t be based on the amounts received by friends or family members.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses several factors to calculate the amount of disability benefits any one person may receive. The primary factor used to calculate your disability benefits amount is your earned income, as long as it was subject to payroll taxes. The SSA averages the income you earned each month in the most lucrative 35 years you worked, or fewer years if you don’t have 35 years of work experience.

If you have no income that qualifies, your claim for disability benefits may be based on the work record of a spouse or a former spouse. Children and adults who become disabled before age 22 may also qualify based on the work record of a parent.

Some factors will decrease the amount of your SSD benefits award. If you receive workers’ compensation benefits for a disability caused by an on-the-job injury, for instance, these benefits will likely reduce the amount of your SSD benefits. Pensions and public disability benefits may also reduce your SSD benefits amount.

Finally, if you currently work and earn more than a certain amount (which changes each year) each month, your SSD benefits may be reduced by the “overage” amount you earn each month. You may also find it more difficult to qualify for SSD benefits if you earn more than a set amount each month.

To ensure you receive the full amount of benefits you are entitled to, it may be helpful to contact a knowledgeable Social Security Disability attorney. At the Kenton Koszdin Law Office, our dedicated legal team has the skills and resources needed to obtain the benefits you need to live your best life. Call (800) 438-7734 to discuss your situation with us or Contact Us online.

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