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    Massage Therapists – Workers’ Compensation and Repetitive Motion

    By Kenton Koszdin on August 17, 2018 | In Workers Compensation

    Massage Therapists – Workers’ Compensation and Repetitive Motion

    Massage therapists have very strong hands, wrists and arms, job requirements when you spend your days kneading away tension and knots in your clients.

    But strength isn’t enough to prevent therapist injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Some massage techniques including deep tissue work can lead to shoulder and neck strain.

    These injuries are caused by repetitive motion at work-related tasks. A repetitive stress or strain injuryis an injury to the nervous and/or musculoskeletal systems caused by repetitive tasks, vibrations, mechanical compression or working positions that are sustained or awkward.

    Repetitive Motion Injuries Affect Many Workers

    Massage therapists aren’t the only workers experiencing the discomfort and pain of job-related repetitive motion injuries. In fact, these muscle-bone problems affect almost 10% of the U.S. population.

    Most occupational injuries are caused by cumulative trauma rather than a single event. Other jobs that are more likely to cause repetitive motion injuries than others include office jobs with constant typing; manufacturing jobs with assembly lines; building or demolition construction jobs; a job that is stationary and that requires remaining in one position for significant periods of time.

    Types of Repetitive Stress Injuries

    • Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when a nerve that runs from the forearm to the palm is pinched. Symptoms include numbness, weakness, and pain in the hand and wrist.
    • Tendonitis is an inflamed tendon, the tissue that connects muscle to bone. You’ll experience pain, tenderness, and mild swelling.
    • Bursitis is inflammation of the bursae, small fluid-filled sacs located where the tendon meets the bone. Common locations include the elbows, knees and hips.
    • Back strains and sprains are the stretching or tearing of tendons, muscles or other soft tissue.
    • Disc injuries where repetitive motion produces bulging or ruptured discs, often resulting in nerve damage.

    Repetitive motion injuries may take a significant period of time to heal, based on how soon the injury is detected and treated. Permanent damage may even result without adequate and timely treatment.

    Because repetitive stress injuries take time to develop, it may be difficult to establish that the injury occurred on the job and is therefore work-related. Let our experienced and compassionate legal team handle your Workers’ Compensation claim for you, including appealing a claim that is denied.

    We Can Help With Your Social Security Disability Application and Appeal

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