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Have you ever thought about eye safety at work? Many of us would discount the importance of eye safety, but in reality, more than 2,000 Americans suffer an eye injury every day! This results in vision loss which leads to… Read More

If you are injured at work, you will have many important things to do. You must get medical treatment immediately, and you will be worried about your job and your ability to continue working. But don’t forget to file a… Read More

California provides several stages in which a Workers’ Compensation (WC) applicant can appeal a Workers’ Compensation award decision. Even if your employer’s insurance company accepted your claim, you may want to resolve a dispute that exists in your case. Petition… Read More

If you are injured at work in California, you are covered by Workers’ Compensation (WC). This includes seasonal workers such as those who are employed during peak sales, manufacturing and tourism periods as well as migrant workers who work during… Read More

4 Workers’ Comp Benefits

By Kenton Koszdin on November 7, 2018
In Workers Compensation

If you are injured on the job, you most likely qualify for Workers’ Comp Benefits. These benefits are provided to W-2 workers, as the employer is required to carry Workers’ Comp insurance on all employees. This insurance is designed to… Read More

How to Report an Injury to Your Employer

By Kenton Koszdin on November 5, 2018
In Workers Compensation

If you’ve sustained an injury while working, do you know how to report it? Do you know why it is important to report even minor injuries? Workplace injuries are more common than you’d think, but your employer will most likely… Read More

Hiring a Workers’ Compensation lawyer can help you get the benefits you need after being injured on the job, or if you have an illness related to your work environment. There are several reasons you would need a lawyer to… Read More

Can You Directly Sue Your Employer?

By Kenton Koszdin on October 10, 2018
In Workers Compensation

While there are ways to help protect employees in certain situations, such as being injured in the work-place, there are still reasons to sue your employer. When considering whether or not to sue your employer, it is important to know… Read More

If your Workers’ Compensation Claim has been denied, there are several steps to go through when it comes to an appeal of the decision. Depending on the reason for the denial, the process may be short or it could be… Read More

In today’s world, many of us turn to social media when something happens in our life – either bad or good – that we want our family and friends to know about. But social media should definitely be avoided if… Read More

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