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    Are Heart Attacks at Work Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

    By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on August 16, 2022 | In Blogs

    Are Heart Attacks at Work Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

    Heart diseases can happen anywhere and at any moment, even at work. Sadly, workers’ compensation may not always provide coverage for heart attacks at work. Knowing how workers’ compensation works and what kind of injuries are covered,  it is extremely crucial given how quickly America’s workforce is aging. Even though higher survival rates are unquestionably positive, there remains a problem with people being unaware of the financial and legal difficulties that cardiac arrest survivors face after an attack.

    Workers’ compensation insurance often covers a workplace injury event with very few exceptions. Therefore, state workers’ compensation laws typically provide coverage for a heart attack if it occurs at work. In such a case, the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance should provide medical care and payment for missed earnings to the injured employee, along with other potential benefits, unless the injuries were self-inflicted.

    Is the cause of the heart attack work related?

    The requirements for proving a workers’ compensation claim vary by state. You often need to demonstrate your heart attack was brought on by a condition or scenario related to the nature or place of your employment to be eligible for benefits.

    This means that you demonstrate that your work at your job was the leading cause of the heart attack.

    For instance, if a civil engineer suffers a heart problem while studying blueprints, it might not be deemed a work-related injury. On the other hand, if the same construction worker overexerts himself while lifting a large beam and suffers a heart attack, proving the job caused the exertion, this may be feasible, and compensation may be provided through workers’ compensation.

    Is the cause of the heart attack due to other factors?

    It must be demonstrated that the heart attack solely occurred due to job-related factors, and nothing else contributed to your heart attack episode.

    It might be harder to prove a workers’ compensation claim, for instance, if it’s discovered that a heart condition at work was partly caused by a bad diet and declining physical health. Other factors that might come into play and make it difficult for you to claim compensation include family medical history, the existence of a prior heart-related condition, obesity, and more.

    It’s not always simple to link a heart issue to a working accident, injury, or illness. Determining what happened can feel even more daunting when you’re struggling to recuperate following a cardiac episode or a heart-related procedure. Attorney Kenton Koszdin is here to help you collect full and fair compensation, including claims that are difficult to prove. Call the Law Offices of Kenton Koszdin today for a free, confidential consultation. We’ll ensure that your rights are protected.

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