Can You File a Disability Claim for Migraine?

By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on May 1, 2023 | In Blogs

Can You File a Disability Claim for Migraine?

Recurrent headaches known as migraines, frequently result in severe, incapacitating symptoms like pounding pain and vomiting. Most people with migraines only have severe headaches occasionally, which is excellent news, but those who experience chronic migraines do so for not less than 15 days on average every month.

If you get persistent migraines, can you file for disability benefits?

You may submit a disability claim, yes. Migraine is actually the second most prevalent cause of impairment globally.

You might be able to choose between short- and long-term disability in the US.


You could be eligible for payments if you or your company have been contributing towards a short-term disability policy. For further information, consult your policy or get in touch with your HR department as benefits from short-term disability could only be available for a few months.


Check the policy terms to determine whether you’re covered by long-term disability coverage, either on your own or via your employer, to determine your next course of action. You can submit an application via the Social Security Administration (SSA) if you don’t already have coverage through your work or on your own.

You are unlikely to be eligible for SSDI payments if you sometimes get migraine episodes. However, you could be accepted if you:

  • Having a persistent migraine that should persist for at least a year.
  • Can’t execute your normal work responsibilities.
  • You’ve put in enough hours at your current job, and you can’t shift to a different sort of job.
  • Regularly pay social security taxes.

Keep your medical record

The most critical thing that someone can do to increase their chances of receiving disability compensation is to compile their medical records. Individuals will have to present the following:

  • Diagnosis
  • Name, location, and contact information of any doctors they have visited for migraine
  • A record of any migraine drugs the individual takes, together with information on the doctor who provided them.
  • Specific information on any tests performed, indicating who recommended them and the results of the tests, from the medical providers the individual has seen.
  • People should, in general, learn as much as they can from each of the medical professionals they have visited.

Even when you believe your migraines are severe enough to be eligible for long-term disability payments under your policy, your insurance company may nonetheless reject your claim.

Many disability applications for migraines or headaches are rejected by the disability insurance provider because they state:

  • The diagnosis of headaches or migraines lacks an objective foundation,
  • Your doctor’s prescribed limits and limitations lack any validity in reality,
  • Your incapacity to do your own or any vocation is not caused by your headaches or migraines.

Hire an attorney

Even in the absence of any additional medical conditions or issues, persistent migraines can incapacitate and keep a person from maintaining a regular job or other source of income. Speak with an attorney if you want to file a claim for disability payments due to persistent headaches.

The team at Kenton Koszdin Law Office in Van Nuys, has decades of experience navigating the complex California workers’ compensation system and federal Social Security disability system. Our attorneys are on a mission to help you find justice – that means holding the wrongdoers accountable and getting the compensation you and your family deserve. Get started on your claim today!

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