Disability Benefits for Sufferers of Asthma

By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on June 29, 2015 | In Social Security Disability

Disability Benefits for Sufferers of Asthma

Many people suffer from various forms of asthma. While some only experience a shortness of breath when exercising, others have chronic inflammation of their airways. When there is an excessive mucous production within the airways, it can restrict your ability to breathe. An asthma “attack” can start without warning as a result of various stimuli, such as chemicals, pollution, medication, pets, cigarette smoke, and other pathogens.

The symptoms of severe asthma are lung and breath-related. They can include a sudden shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, and even tightness in the chest. These symptoms may require the immediate use of an inhaler or nebulizer. Often, people need to leave the area where they came into contact with stimuli and try to catch their breath. While some are able to control their symptoms by taking medication, others continue to have attacks even with proper care and treatment.

Asthma is a debilitating condition. If you have severe asthma, it may prevent you from working. In fact, asthma is a common reason for people to receive disability benefits. Not all people with asthma, however, qualify for benefits. Those who can control their symptoms with medication will likely not qualify for disability support. Those who have frequent attacks that cannot be controlled with medication or treatment will have a much greater chance of qualifying.

If you have frequent, severe attacks that can potentially lead to respiratory arrest or failure, you should automatically qualify for disability benefits. You will need medical proof of your symptoms, evidence of your treatment and care, and documentation of your attempts to treat your asthma. If you can show that you have a severe asthma attacks at least every other month, or six times a year, you should qualify. Under the Social Security Administration (SSA) guidelines, a severe attack is one that lasts one day or longer and requires medical treatment at a medical facility. The next time you receive treatment because of an attack, make sure your doctor fills out a listing form for asthma to help you qualify for benefits.

You can also qualify for benefits if you have chronic bronchitis in addition to your asthma. You can provide your results from a lung function/breathing test to prove that you have forced expiratory volume resulting in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

If you often have trouble breathing and your condition prevents you from working, make sure you research your rights and options. Disability benefits are available for anyone who is unable to work because of a serious physical or mental disability. An experienced Los Angeles Social Security Disability lawyer can help you get the support you need.

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