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    What Can Cause You to Lose Your Social Security Benefits?

    By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on October 31, 2022 | In Blogs

    What Can Cause You to Lose Your Social Security Benefits?

    It’s unnerving to contemplate having your entitled Social Security Disability benefits taken away from you. For many people, who depend on such payments to support themselves, it truly is survival.

    Unfortunately, you might actually stop receiving compensation, as it is not a permanent income. Many individuals who still needed their benefits have eventually lost them over time. We will discuss here a few possibilities that become valid reasons for you to stop receiving your benefits.

    • You do not qualify medically anymore.

    While improvement in health is a good thing, it might be a reason that leads to discontinuation of SSDI. You risk losing your benefits if you are no longer medically eligible as per the medical guidelines of disability defined by the SSA.

    • Ability to work again.

    Resuming employment or taking up a new job with increased working hours may result in losing SSI benefits.

    • Earning more than the designated amount of SSA.

    Your benefits might be discontinued if you start earning an income that exceeds the SSI cap. Only specific forms of funds are taken into account as income for SSI purposes.

    • Failure to meet requirements.

    When a child receiving SSI turns 18, the SSA will reassess their eligibility. They could stop receiving benefits if they do not fulfill the conditions for adult SSI.

    • Getting additional benefits.

    Are you availing free of cost housing benefits or any other in-kind support from somewhere else? If such is the case, your SSDI payments may be re-evaluated, and you may have to give up on your disability benefits.

    • Are you a felon?

    You risk losing your SSI benefits if you have a current arrest warrant or felony warrant for eluding arrest or fleeing from custody.

    • Can your family support you?

    If your parents or spouse earn enough money to push you over the SSI eligibility threshold, the SSA could put a halt to your SSDI or SSI benefits. For the child receiving SSI benefits, the SSA will consider the parent’s income. Getting married may result in a person losing their SSI benefits because the SSA will count a portion of the spouse’s income against them.

    A complex system like this is more than likely to cause a lot of confusion. That is why having an experienced social security disability lawyer on your side is essential. Please don’t hesitate to call an attorney if you have any concerns regarding your benefits.

    The Kenton Koszdin Law Office, Social Security attorneys in Van Nuys, can help you navigate the often complicated claim process with ease and the best possible outcome for you and your family. Call 800-438-7734 for your initial free consultation held in our office or from the comfort of your own home.

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