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    Alternative Dispute Resolution

    In recent years many people have turned to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in order to settle claims and suits that have reached an impasse. While not for everyone and certainly not for every case, the practice has gained a great deal of traction. It has impacted all aspects of law from divorce proceedings to worker’s compensation cases. If you, or a family member, are in need of a way to resolve a long standing dispute or are believe ADR could be a means in which to settle your claim or suit, contact the Kenton Koszdin Law Office today to discuss your options in a free case consultation. Depending on your situation, ADR could help your case in a variety of ways, such as:

    • Timing – Not only is ADR a viable option for resolving a wide range of issues, it is also considerably quicker than traditional means. Whereas the average lawsuit or claim could take months or even years to conclude, individuals who pursue ADR can find a resolution in half the time or less.
    • Expense – As with most transactions, time certainly equals money. But by taking time off the proceedings and reaching a suitable resolution quicker, claimants no longer have to pay extraordinary fees. It is this fact alone that motivates many parties to utilize ADR. Additionally, with lower costs, both parties can focus on the issues at hand a bit more clearly.
    • Emotional & Mental Cost – Legal proceedings can be draining. This is especially true if the matter at hand concerns your livelihood or work injury. Questions of how you conduct your life, your physical ailments and other deeply personal matters are often presented before a number of outside parties. ADR helps to reduce this kind of stress by drastically cutting the number of people involved.

    What Kind of ADR is Right For My Case?

    As mentioned earlier, ADR is not always the right answer. In many instances traditional means of litigation and settlement are the best way to proceed. However, if ADR does fit you case, there are a few ways in which way to proceed:

    • Mediation: when an attorney acts as a mediator, the goals is to open up lines of communication between both parties, rather than deciding the outcome for either one. This allows both sides to come to an agreement naturally, rather than having it forced upon both of them. This kind of ADR is effective if the two sides are able to find common ground in which to cooperate and compromise.
    • Binding or Non-binding Arbitration: when two parties wish to avoid the formality of a trail, they may hire an arbitrator to hear their case out and ultimately provide a final ruling This kind of action can be binding – in which both parties wave their rights to a trial and agree to the outcome – or non-binding – which allows for more negotiation if necessary.

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