How To Get Money When The Insurance Company Is Not Paying You

Get Money When The Insurance Company Is Not Paying You

If you are an employee in Los Angeles, you probably were under the impression that if you were injured on the job, you will be paid workers’ comp benefits during the period you are unable to work, or offered other employment while you are healing. It can be a shock to have your claim denied – but it happens, and far too often.

Employers pay workers’ compensation premiums, and each injury accident increases the amount the company is forced to pay for worker’s comp insurance. Company owners may challenge the legitimacy of an injury claim, and assert that the degree of the injuries are exaggerated, or that the injury was not work-related, but sustained elsewhere. In some cases, the strategy is successful, and the insurance company subsequently refuses to pay workers’ comp benefits.

An Advocate for Injured Workers in Los Angeles

The employee can be left struggling to make ends meet, and unable to collect the benefits expected. Employers have been known to assume that repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome or back pain are merely an attempt to collect benefits, and that the worker is not being honest about the condition. This is a devastating situation, but something can be done about it. Workers’ compensation attorney Kenton Koszdin advocates for injured workers who have been denied benefits.

If this has happened to you, it is imperative that you speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer immediately. You have the right to appeal the denial, and legal help can make a significant difference in the final outcome.

If a claim is denied, it is based upon a determination by your claims administrator that your injury was not covered by the program. You hold the right to challenge this decision, but there is a deadline limiting the time in which you can appeal. It is strongly advised that you get help from a skilled workers’ comp attorney to assist you in this urgent matter.

Appealing a Denied Workers’ Comp Claim in Los Angeles

Your case will be heard by a workers’ compensation administrative law judge at a local office. The supporting evidence about your injury will be presented at the hearing. It is advised that the process is managed by a lawyer that has deep knowledge of workers’ compensation law, and has been successful working within the system, and has a past record of positive outcomes. Our firm is available to help.

To file an appeal, it is necessary to file an “Application for Adjudication of Claim.” This must be filed in the correct county and office, and must be served on the parties who denied your claim. We have an extensive track record of successful appeals, and are prepared to discuss your case with you. We urge you to contact us at once if your workers’ comp claim has been denied.

When You Can’t Get Workers’ Comp Benefits: Your Options in Los Angeles

There are other options for getting benefits other than the workers’ compensation system, and our firm is familiar with all of the methods by which an injured worker can get needed support.

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