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    If you or a family member has suffered an injury or illness while on the job in California, please do not wait to contact Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Kenton Koszdin to discuss your rights and the type of compensation benefits you may be eligible to receive. Filing for workers’ compensation benefits can be a complex process.

    With a skilled attorney on your side, you can protect your right to financial compensation. Submit an online contact form or call (800) 438-7734 for a free and comprehensive evaluation of your claim.

    What Benefits Apply to Temporary Disabilities?

    For workers that have been fortunate enough to sustain only temporary disabilities, there are two disability options that will provide financial assistance on a short-term basis.

    Temporary Total Disability (TTD)

    Workers that are unable to perform regular work for a limited amount of time, but can return to the same job after a period of recovery may be eligible for TTD benefits.

    Temporary Partial Disability

    Workers that are expected to make a full return to work after a period of recuperation, but must perform only certain duties or modified duties may receive TPD benefits.

    How Do You Qualify for Temporary Disability Benefits in California?

    To ensure the success of your temporary disability claim, you will need to obtain a medical practitioner’s report verifying the extent of your injuries. Temporary disability benefits are generally available at least 14 days after you have notified your employer of the injury or illness.

    These benefits are available for a 104-week period, which only means that the worker may receive temporary disability benefits during this period, but is not entitled to receive a total of 104 weeks of payments. However, if the disability lasts for three days or less, you will not be eligible to receive temporary disability benefits.

    What Benefits are Available for Permanent Disabilities?

    In the event that an injured or ill worker either cannot return to their former job or cannot perform all of the same duties of the former job, there are permanent disability benefits.

    Permanent Total Disability

    Workers that cannot perform the same duties and therefore cannot return to the same job or similar type of work may receive PTD benefits.

    Permanent Partial Disability

    If a worker is partially impaired by an injury or illness and can continue to perform modified duties at the same job, he or she may be eligible for PPD benefits.

    Which Type of Disability Benefits Will You Receive?

    The amount and type of financial coverage you may be eligible to receive will be determined by the amount of money you were making before the injury or illness, as well as the extent of the damages you have suffered. California continually updates its legal guidelines for each disability category and it may be necessary to consult with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to learn about which type of coverage you may be able to obtain.

    When Should You Contact a Los Angeles Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

    As soon as you have received medical care and informed your employer of your disability, you may want to contact an experienced Los Angeles workers’ compensation lawyer to provide additional insight and information regarding your particular circumstances. Workers’ comp law can be complicated and the last thing you need after you have suffered an injury or illness at work is to struggle through the complicated paperwork and filing process to gain your rightful benefits.

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