Workplace Wrongful Death

Construction Worker Wrongful Death

Anyone who’s ever worked in the construction industry knows how dangerous it can be. Operating heavy equipment, working on scaffolding, using power tools, and working with live electricity are hazards that construction workers deal with on a daily basis. In the tragic event that you’ve lost a loved one in a construction accident, how will that affect the future of you and your family?

Kenton Koszdin Law Office will be there to help answer that question if the situation should arise. For over a decade, we have successfully represented families of deceased construction workers in the San Fernando Valley.

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Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits in Los Angeles

California law requires that all employers in the state carry workers’ compensation insurance. This is to protect both the employer and employee in the event of a work place injury or death. If an employee dies as a result of an on the job injury, their dependents are eligible to receive death benefits.

Who is Eligible for Death Benefits in Los Angeles?

Death benefits are available to the deceased worker’s spouse, children, or any other dependent who relied on the victim for financial support. The beneficiaries of death benefits fall into two categories: total dependents and partial dependents.

  • Total dependents: Individuals who relied completely on the victim for financial support.
  • Partial dependents: Individuals who relied partially on the victim for financial support.

Certain family members automatically qualify as total dependents:

  • Children under 18 years of age
  • Children of any age who are mentally or physically incapable to earn a living on their own
  • A spouse or partner who earned $30,000 or less in the year prior to the worker’s death.

What are the Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

There are two types of death benefits available to dependents of the deceased worker:

  • Burial Expenses: The workers’ compensation insurance company is required to pay reasonable funeral and burial costs. Currently, the maximum amount payable was $10,000.
  • Death benefits: The amount of death benefits payable is determined by the number of eligible dependent the decedent left behind.

California has established the following guidelines as to the amount due to dependent:

  • One total dependent: $250,000
  • Two total dependents: $290,000
  • Three or more dependents: $320,000

Partial dependents can claim death benefits only if there are one or fewer total dependents.

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Workers’ compensation death benefit claims can be confusing to someone unfamiliar with California’s laws. Insurance companies are not always eager to pay a family what it is owed. For this reason, you need a top Los Angeles workers’ compensation death benefit attorney.

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