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    10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the U.S.

    By Kenton Koszdin Law Office on December 6, 2017 | In Workers Compensation

    More than 4,800 people are killed each year in U.S. workplaces (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Most of these fatal occupational injuries occur in a small number of sectors that are the most dangerous ways to earn a living in our country.

    Here are the 10 most dangerous jobs in the U.S.:

    • Logging workers. Dangers for this job include working outside, often in bad weather and perhaps in high altitudes, with heavy machinery.
    • Fishing and related jobs. These are some of the most dangerous jobs in the U.S. Workers must deal with bad weather, transportation incidents and malfunctioning gear.
    • Aircraft pilots and flight engineers. These workers typically earn an ample salary, but the job has inherent dangers each time they lift off of the ground.
    • Roofers. Falls are the leading cause of fatal injuries for these workers. In addition to fatalities, roofers as well as all general construction workers are prone to fractures and other non-fatal injuries.
    • Waste and recyclable material collectors. These workers face large crushing machines as well as risks posed by traffic and hazardous materials.
    • Farmers, ranchers and agricultural managers. New technology has not made these jobs any safer. Fatalities are caused by long hours, close contact with heavy machinery and transportation incidents.
    • Structural iron and steel workers. These jobs require installing steel or iron beams, often using cranes. Workers are prone to slip or trip and fall accidents.
    • Driver/sales workers and truck drivers. When driving is a large part of your job, the chances of being in an accident increases. Truck drivers must devote long hours to the road, and are often subject to drowsy driving and hazardous road and weather conditions.
    • Electrical power line installers and repairers. Electrocutions and falls cause most of the fatalities in these risky jobs, despite significant safety precautions.
    • Taxi drivers and chauffeurs. These drivers are at a higher risk of traffic accidents as they maneuver through heavy traffic and bad weather. They are also exposed to potentially violent passengers as well as driving through high-crime areas.

    An employee who suffers a fatal or serious injury at work may be eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits. We can help guide you through the maze of the Workers’ Compensation system so you don’t have to suffer financially for your physical and emotional trauma.

    We Can Help If You Have Been Injured on the Job

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