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    Common Office Injuries Can Be Prevented

    By Kenton Koszdin on June 7, 2018 | In Workplace Injury

    Common Office Injuries Can Be Prevented

    Workplace injuries are not limited to inherently dangerous occupations such as construction, the fishing industry, and logging. Even an office, which may appear to be a hazard-free workplace, may be the site of many different types of on-the-job injuries.

    Common Injuries That May Happen in Offices

    Repetitive stress. Some injuries result from overuse of certain parts of the body, especially in ways that are uncomfortable and primarily for those who sit at desks for long hours. Repetitive stress injuries from office work include carpal tunnel syndrome as well as neck, shoulder and back pain and eyestrain.

    You can reduce the risk of these injuries by ergonomically upgrading your work site. Ask your manager how you can realign your desk and desk chair so you are sitting comfortably and at the right height and distance from your computer. Adjust the lighting in your workspace as well as the brightness of the monitor to make the screen easier to read. Cut the glare by closing the blinds or turning your monitor to a different angle.

    Slips, trips, and falls. It’s a fact that office workers are more than twice as likely to suffer disabling injuries in falls than workers in other types of workplaces (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC). Common causes of falls in offices are wet floors, inadequate lighting, trips over wiring, furniture, and carpeting and using a chair to reach for an object.

    By paying close attention to your surroundings instead of staring at your smartphone, you can prevent a slip and fall while at work in your office. Report any safety hazards that you observe and use a step stool or a ladder to reach high objects.

    Illnesses from poor air quality. Harmful bacteria and allergens can be circulated and recirculated in an office if it is overcrowded, poorly ventilated or dusty. Respiratory disorders can include occupational asthma. Asbestos and lead can cause serious illness to employees repeated exposed to their hazards.

    The HVAC system should be periodically maintained and the office should be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis to protect workers and maintain good air quality.

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