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Americans spend more time on the job than anyone else in the industrialized world, an average of 41 hours per week. Over a 40 year career, that amounts to a total of 82,000 hours, figuring in two weeks of vacation a year (which many Americans don’t get or don’t use). Considering these figures, it’s not surprising that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 3.8 million Americans suffer work related injuries, illnesses, and diseases each year. Some studies suggest that the number is actually closer to 11 million due to widespread underreporting of incidents.

While the most serious work related injuries and illness occur in industries like logging, construction, tractor trailer driving, they can also happen in seemingly safe office settings. Repetitive motion injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome afflict and disable millions of office workers. If you suffer a work related injury or illness, you are entitled to certain benefits through your employer and California’s workers compensation program. These benefits can include payment of related medical bills, some income lost while you rehabilitate, physical therapy, permanent disability, and more. However, many companies are reluctant to pay the benefits an injured worker justly deserves. In addition, California revamped its workers compensation laws in 2004, unfortunately to the detriment of the injured worker.

Workers compensation claims can be complex and intricate affairs for someone whose main priority is healing and getting back to work. For all the above reasons, it is vital that an injured person contact an experienced workers compensation attorney.

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