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    The Social Security system is a lifeline for many. However, it is no secret that recipients must often wait up to two years to receive the money they are entitled to. If you or someone you love have been waiting to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits, you… Read More

    If your Social Security disability benefits have been denied because the SSA believes that your claim of chronic pain is fraudulent or exaggerated, it can have a serious impact on your life.

    Applying for Social Security insurance can be less daunting when you’re prepared and have the documents ready. You may ask, “What information do I need to apply for Social Security?” The list includes the date of birth, Social Security number, or proof of a disability if you’re seeking Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI) or Supplemental… Read More

    Substantial gainful activity (SGA) is a standard used by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to determine whether a person should be legally classified as disabled. If the SSA determines that a person can engage in SGA, they are not disabled. SGA is determined by comparing an individual’s monthly income with a pre-determined SGA threshold. If… Read More

    When you start the process of applying for Social Security Disability, you’ll quickly learn there are many more parts to the process than you once thought. Thankfully, your trusted attorney specializing in Social Security, like the attorneys on our team at the Kenton Koszdin Law Office, can handle these parts. Some of these parts, however,… Read More

    Applying for Social Security benefits can be a time consuming process. Military service members may be eligible for expedited processing.

    If you have a severe disability and cannot work, such as cancer, there is a fast track through the SSI and SSDI application process. However, for most people, there is no fast track, even with a lawyer. While having an experienced disability lawyer on your side is beneficial, and may shorten the approval time, they… Read More

    If you haven’t started receiving SSDI benefits, you must show your past income, as well as any income you are currently earning. This will be factored into your approval, or denial, of benefits. Disability applications are commonly approved, even with income, if that income is not enough to support you or is very sporadic due… Read More

    The information in a claimant for disability’s medical report makes the difference when applying for SSI benefit. If the report is not properly prepared it can jeopardize your chances of getting the amount of disability payment to which you are entitled. The best way to ensure you have a strong claimant for disability’s medical report… Read More

    If you or someone you know has a genitourinary disorder resulting from certain conditions including, but not limited to, a kidney transplant, dialysis, or even anorexia, you may have a disability that meets the criteria established by the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Listing of Impairments (the “Listings”). The Listing of Impairments lists impairments considered severe… Read More

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